Monday, November 23, 2009

William & The Champagne

The greatest moment on any wedding reception is the champagne opening. Did I get wet? Yup, with all the juicy sparkling juice!

Did you notice the champagne cork?

Jeremiah + Cheryl Wedding Reception

Recently I was engaged to capture wedding images in difficult situation and those who attended Jeremiah & Cheryl wedding reception on 14 November 2009 would know what I meant. I took the impossible task to capture the most impossible moment and it turned out superbly well. I guess most of you would agree to what I mentioned here and it's not about me holding a camera while having another camera that slings next to my shoulder but it is all about skills & experience. Having won 15 awards in 2009 this year wasn't just by pure luck but I truly believe my passion + my experience overcomes the odds in difficult situation during wedding event. Here are the shots...

*The above picture is not upside down*

ISPWP Fall 2009 Contest Results

Today I managed to add another international wedding photography awards to my list. Check out the link below or click on the image to go direct to the ISPWP website.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

William & The Champagne

As I was going through all my images, I noticed that I still have plenty of great shots for each and every wedding that I have. Here's one for Weng Wah + Ivy.

Did I get my hair wet? Yes
Dig I get my camera equipment wet? Yup! No doubt about it!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kok Wei + Sze Ling @ Registrar of Marriage (ROM)

Both Singapore-based Kok Wei & Sze Ling engaged me months ago for their actual wedding day photography and their marriage registration which was held at "Thian Hou Kong" in Kuala Lumpur on 2nd November 2009. Yes... it's also called the Hainan Assocation which I have no idea why it has two names unless it's two in one location. Here are the images that I have taken on their memorable day.

Monday, November 2, 2009

DiGi Music 1st Live in Concert

What I am posting today is way different from what I usually capture. This is a "concert event photography" and for those who have doubts what a wedding photographer can do, well... here it is... check out the images below.

DiGi, one of the 3 biggest mobile telco in Malaysia has just launched the DiGi Music Unlimited Download for DiGi user. Go to

I was the official photographer for this awesome event, the 1st in Malaysia for DiGi Music LIVE concert last Saturday at Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. A huge turnout of about 5,000 fans show up at the event with 3 local bands - Disagree, One Buck Short & Pop Shuvit. Then comes the group that the crowd hoping to watch them performing - "The All-American Rejects".

The above image with the lead singer - Tyson of All-American Rejects danced to the music. Notice the hair and his sweat all over? Cool shot!

Tyson said... "Hello Malaaayysiaaaaa!"

I think this should be "One Buck Short" lead singer performing on the stage. I thought "wow! this guy is awesome! He sounded like Pearl Jam!"

Guess where am I? On the stage!!!

The crowd is so cool and I'm amazed how hyped all these crowds are!

Below image: yeah... It's halloween's nite on 31st October 2009...


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