Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bookings for Year 2012

Dear friends, bookings for Year 2012 is now available. Kindly book our wedding photography services early to avoid disappointment.

Year 2011 has been hectic year and yes, many couples did not manage to book our services as there are many hot dates in the year of the Rabbit. I hope everyone had a great year this year and of course I am looking forward for next year.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ling Chong + Sher Lee @ Klang

Wedding is fun... YES! So folks, don't try this on your wedding day... Adults only! Hehe...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Engagement Photography (Batu Caves, Selangor)

My client booked me about a month ago before their Engagement Ceremony at Batu Caves. It is the first time I am capturing the engagement wedding for this couple in this wonderful worship place with Lord Murugan statue standing at 140ft (42.7m) in height!

The only request from my client prior to this posting is that they do not like their photo to be posted in my web blog as the groom is a shy person! Well, here is it! These images that you see here are taken at the ceremony without the Bride & Groom in it! As we can see here, pictures do tell a thousand words... even without the main couple in the following images.

Who Took These Images in This Web Blog ?

I have been constantly asked who took all these images in web blog? The answer is ME! Although I have other team members who acted as the main or 2nd back-up photographer, I have been constantly posting these images that you see in this web blog by myself in for several years now.

There is one reason why he/she asked me this question. There are many wedding photography studios or companies that I know engages freelancers for their clients wedding photography assignment. Of course, the sample images shown to the client at the company was taken by another photographer The results ends up in disaster! Yes, it was well taken and of course, news spreads and their friends avoids wedding company whom they do not know who is the photographer in the first hand.

The other question is who won all those 30 International Awards competition overseas? Well, the answer is... ME again!

Thirdly, another one good question asked by the client was : how do I know if the photographer is good? someone whom I can rely on for my actual day wedding photography? First of all, check out their work especially those taken during wedding dinners or reception. Those you must take note was images taken in the ballroom such as Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel Ballroom, Berjaya Hotel Ballroom at Times Square or Klang Centro "Grand Imperial" Ballroom. Many beginners or amateur photographers avoids showing the wedding reception images as they know very well that if the images was badly taken, it can be shown easily by looking at (a) the color (b) composition (c) the whole scene/scenario at the wedding event.

Sometimes pricing does play a role in it. I love being solo for most of my wedding assignments as I try to save more for my client. It does not mean having 2 photographer could do more or could capture more amazing shots! If you think that way, you are wrong! One photographer will do provided that he can do 2 photographer's job. Yes, that's what I am good at and I have been doing that for the past 17 years!

So, choose your actual day photographer wisely. If you need two or 3 photographers for your wedding day, check your photographer's background first before checking if you have enough budget. Its a once-in-a-lifetime affair and pictures do tell a thousand words.


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