Friday, January 29, 2010

William and The Champagne

It is extremely unusual for a wedding photographer to capture these types of shots. This time I didn't get wet with the champagne even though Lincoln finished as the Champion on the podium. Haha, just kidding. Yeah, it's me again, William & The Champagne, that's the topic for this posting.

Here's one of the famous tagline by Leonard Hon, another one of Malaysia's popular wedding videographer whom I worked with before that goes like this: "Camera, action!"

Take note of the champagne "cork"...

Here's the 2nd one (above image) with the champagne cork. Just look at Yoke Yeng (the bride), she's actually looking at the cork!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Jerome + Gloria Wedding Day (Singapore)

It was another great day on 16 January 2010 (16.01.2010). Jerome, the groom booked me since 10 April 2009 (10.04.2009) and he paid me a visit when he was in Malaysia. The groom is a Singaporean and Gloria is from Macau. I wonder how both of them met each other. The trend of married couples has changed a lot of some of them met through mIRC or Yahoo Chat. The world is revolving and when you think about it, gosh... this is marriage Made In Heaven.

I haven't taken weddings in Singapore for ages and this will be the new beginning for me to capture Jerome + Gloria's big day. The day started at 6.10AM in the morning. Feel free to go through all these images below and it will be an "eye-opening" for you how these images are taken. I avoid "overly manipulated images" as what I mentioned in my previous posting this morning just to show you that color photos are beautifulllllllll....

Is that a snail? SNAIL? Well... it's 7AM and snails wakes up pretty early too!

So sweet!!! Btw, this shot was taken as the priest looked away. A quick shot actually and everyone in the church missed this shot! I am 110% focused!

A beautiful interior architecture in Mandarin Oriental Hotel captured in this image.


Note: all images are copyrighted and only the client & MY WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Studio has the right to publish for our own marketing activities. Any usage of these images without MY WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Studio permission is prohibited.


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