Saturday, January 9, 2010

Best of 2009

Another new year, another new challenges. Every year I have a New Year Resolution and with all my heart, all my resolution can be achieved. Sometimes its the faith that we have in God and ourselves and at the same time, it is also the greatest gift given so that I am able to capture wonderful shots for all couples who engages my services.

The Year 2009 has been hectic as usual, as compared to Year 2008. I gone through many challenges, especially taking photo at extremely low light conditions, cramp rooms, unplanned activities and of course, little boys that were trying to grab everyone's attention. I cracked my lens filter due to this and hey, no pain, no gain! Hehe...

Everyone can do wedding photography, including my 5-year old cousin who held a digital compact camera but have you figured out whether your actual wedding day is as important (or more important occasion) as compared to your pre-wedding photography?

Again, Year 2009 is where I build a more solid photography skills. Right now in any condition (wedding ballroom, cramp rooms, badly lit locations that I haven't taken before), I am able to capture consistent images without any problems. Wedding gowns will remain white as it used to be instead of "red" or "orange" colors. Some may call it "mood shots" but in photography terms, we call it "white balance" problems. So if anyone mention about "mood shots", it will be a term that refers to "white balance" problem.

I try to use less "photo editing" in Black & White or Sepia or even any funny colors as I believes that any final products or work given back to client must be in original state. B&W or Sepia can be changed using Photoshop. That is why all my clients get clean copies of the original shots with minor editing.

Once again, thank you all for support My Wedding Photographer Studio / FOTOMALAYSIA and it will be another challenging year ahead for me again in 2010. Below are the selected images which i haven't shown to anyone yet which I took in 2009. I hope all of you enjoyed all the shots I took and wish everyone the best in everything they do. Thank you and God bless...


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