Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Statistics of Enquiries

This is something which I wanted to write in my web blog for a long time. Whenever a bride-to-be a bridegroom-to-be calls me on my mobile for a quote, I will jot it down and here's some of the most happening dates for weddings and ROM, see below:

3rd October 2009 - 32 enquiries for wedding, 3 for ROM
4th July 2009 - 8 enquiries for wedding
6th December 2009 - 19 enquiries for wedding
4th October 2009 - 9 enquiries for wedding
20th September 2009 - 15 enquiries for wedding
3rd January 2010 - 9 enquries for wedding
30th January 2010 - 5 enquiries for wedding
26th September 2009 - 7 enquiries for wedding
26th December 2009 - 9 enquiries for wedding
1st January 2010 - 7 enquiries for wedding
9th September 2009 - 12 enquiries for ROM
16th January 2010 - 5 enquiries for wedding
23rd January 2010 - 4 enquiries for wedding
31st December 2009 - 6 enquiries for wedding
5th December 2009 - 5 enquiries for wedding
31st May 2009 - 5 enquiries for wedding

Here you go folks, these are the hot dates for this year and next year. So everyone, if you like the photographer and their masterpieces, book them early and to avoid disappointment. Yes, I heard plenty of disappointment this year and hope you are not one of them. My schedule can be seen at this link.

Also note that the word "BOOKING" means the client has paid some sort of deposit and if you were to ask me to book the date without any deposit, it isn't "booking" yet so if you notice my schedule has the abbreviation "TBC" means deposit not paid. Any clients who wishes to book on those dates, please do so in order to "confirm" booking your wedding date with me. Thanks!


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