Tuesday, March 1, 2011

29 International Wedding Photography Awards (2009 - 2011)

Some say it's crazy, some say it's awesome. I call it MAGNIFICIENT! Well folks, last Sunday evening when I was in my room about to do my usual stuff, which is photo editing, I pulled out my iPhone and checked my e-mail. Guess what? The results for Winter 2010 (ISPWP) Wedding Photography is already up on the web!

I scrolled through those 24 different categories and of course, I entered only 3 or 4 categories for this time round and I won the 2nd place for Bride & Groom Portrait and 5th place for The Decisive Moment category.

This added to my list of awards as an International Wedding Photographer with 29 Awards in 2 years 2 months! Crazy isn't it? Oh yes, I'm the ONLY Malaysian wedding photographer who won award for Winter 2010 photography competition edition.


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