Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Photo Fusion

Wedding Photography is a fast growing industry, whereby any Tom, Dick and Harry can pick up a DSLR camera and self-proclaim themselves as "professional photographer". So much so, many of them has never used a 35mm film camera, let alone stepping into a dark room to develop Black and White film (which I used to do when I was in United States working part-time as photographer for our bi-monthly "The Volante" newspaper in the campus.

I first started with 35mm cameras in 1990 capturing concerts for Taiwanese singer who came to Malaysia to perform and have since migrated from various brand of cameras and models from Goko compact camera to Canon AE-1 to Canon Rebel 1000 and much later to Nikon N90s. I started with DSLR with a Fuji Finepix S2 Pro (which at that time was the best among Nikons or Canons for wedding photographer best DSLR when it comes to Auto White Balance). In fact, most professionals from Malaysia at one time used Fuji Finepix S3 Pro and S5 Pro. I have since couple months ago upgraded all my camera equipment to full frame cameras.

Here we are, in a world that moves faster than everyone ever thought possible, we have no choice but to adapt to new limitations and the term "Photo Fusion" has captured the hearts of many clients and will be on the leading edge of a trend that may possible change the face of wedding photography.

What is "Photo Fusion" exactly? I won't elaborate further on this but for clients who engages our full day services will experience photo fusion which will be the highlight of the day. I have experience this since last year and it has been encouraging but for the next couple months, it will be more interesting as we will include more equipment to perfect the whole "Photo Fusion" finished product. Till then, keep in touch everyone!


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