Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Indian Wedding, Chinese, Christian or Malay Wedding?

Lately I have taken wonderful weddings for Indian couples. Then came someone asking if I capture Indian weddings only. Well... what should I reply? I am a professional wedding photographer who captures wedding for any races. My first Christian wedding (yes... taking wedding pictures for "kuai lou" or "ang moh" in a church 379 km (235 miles) away from my university in Vermillion, South Dakota. This little city is called Des Moine, Iowa in the United States. That was ages ago during the era of 35mm film. 

What about Malay wedding? I have not been taking Malay wedding since 1999. I have not taken any Malay wedding but it will be based on case to case basis as there are tons of Malay wedding photographers in the market nowadays ranging from free services to professional services. Clients are free to engage whoever they like but it depends also large on their budget and of course, it also depends if they really like the work done by that photographer or not.

Wedding photography is highly challenging for any photographers. So, it is our responsibility to capture every chapters of the whole wedding process in detail and that is what I love about is the Traditional Indian Wedding. Its difficult, its challenging and it produces quality results as what is shown for Vanan and Shamini wedding in Singapore. You will not see "oily faces", dark "shadows" or extremely "orange skin tone". That is what is so unique for me being a professional wedding photographer. You are not engaging an amateur or someone who wants to make money because they have professional or expensive cameras. You are actually engaging THE experts, THE pro and THE best in the industry for your once-in-a-lifetime wedding experience.


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