Thursday, May 29, 2014

William Goh Blog Is Now Back!

It has been awhile since I updated my web blog with complete pictures of a single weddings. It's been my habit of showing to the world the images I took for the bride and bridegroom.

Time has passed. This year missing my Chinese New Year celebrations with my family members as I start to shoot for my client for their wedding day on 2nd day of CNY. For us, the first few days of CNY is where reunion of family members occur and I regretted for not be able to meet up with my Uncle Richard whom I learn the word "respects, responsibility and discipline". The last time I met him was about 3 or 4 years ago. Alas, he had to leave us for better place recently. Although he is my uncle, I love him like he is my dad. He was the first who gave me a Canon AE-1 with a 50mm 1.4 lens in 1992 when I was still in high school. That was when I start to turn an avid photographer. He is remembered for his sarcastic remarks which many people hate but he has a heart of a good person. Because of him, this is where I start my career in photography.

Many years has passed and this year marks my 20th year in professional photography.

My colleague Mike helped me to put the website up at This year also marks my name in Singapore one of the best in professional wedding photography as most Mediacorp artiste from Vasantham Channel engages our photography and cinematography services.

Last year was not so bad but I encountered a horrible cinematography company up north in Penang when I was prevented from doing my job at my client's wedding. These people could not work with other photographers as they said this to me "when you are in Penang, all photographers needs to stay aside". That is a ridiculous remark and my feet was stepped on by their camera tripod for blocking them. That pisses me off. Therefore, whoever engages this company, please do not let me work with them because of their unpleasant attitude. This company is called DIGIMAX. They can't get along well with other photographers and it's pointless for you to engage their services. They may look mature but comes with lousy attitude.

This year, our cinematography and photography company are making in-roads to Singapore clients and our bookings has been filling up faster than we thought.

Our chinese clients unable to book our services from their way our booking is and I always mentioned to our clients to book early to avoid disappointment. We still have long way to go and I would like to thank clients who supported us all these years. Thank you!


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