Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pre-Wedding Album

Life has been interesting lately until I have to block my schedule for the whole month of June except for two weddings which I will have been committed to. Being an actual wedding day photographer and pre-wedding photographer, I have been committed to do the best and giving the best to all my clients.

For those who doesn't know me very well, I have a few businesses which always make my time or schedule full. The month of March-April, July-August and Nov-Dec is my peak period but it will not be shown in my schedule in this web blog. If you ever step-in my office during these period, you may not be able to talk to me easily as it will be flooded with members.

Anyways, here's a spread page from Derek & Grace wedding album to share with all my clients, fans and friends out there in the world. Their wedding is next week and they are pretty busy preparing for their wedding now. Ken (my videographer) and I will be busy that day and for those who calls me during the wedding, please do call me back in the afternoon or leave me a SMS and I will call you back. Oh yes, I do have a studio with 5 studio flash and a dozen backdrops but I do not use them because I always capture "real" locations and that leaves me the greatest satisfaction as what you see below. Do click on the image to view a larger image.


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