Friday, July 6, 2012

Malay, Chinese or Indian Wedding Photography?

The last Malay wedding that I ever captured for a couple was in the year 2004 (during the era of 35mm film). Most wedding photographers today never touched a film before. So what type of wedding photography do I generally do? Recently was highly popular among Indian clients, particularly those from Singapore. 70% of my enquiries today are from Singapore and at least 80% are Indians!

Please guys, don't get me wrong with my name. William G. stands for William Goh (remember the current Senior Mention Goh Chok Tong?)... Yes we share the same "family name". Therefore "G." does not stand for Gulandran any Indian name that you can think of. Haha...

Anyways, we specializes in Traditional Chinese Wedding Photography, Church Wedding as well as Traditional Indian Wedding Photography. Please scroll down my web blog and go "previous posting" or press the link on the bottom of the page. Only then you will see what type of photography that we actually do. Thank you!


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