Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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Wedding Reception Slideshow
- we have improved the software & hardware to create better and awesome wedding reception slide show from now on and our clients will definitely enjoy the photo slide show during their wedding reception. This only applies to clients who engages me for whole day wedding photo shoot.

Bookings for 2011
- We are heading towards the middle of 2010 and time seems to fly by too quickly. For those who are getting married in Year 2011, please book me early as next year in chinese calendar will be a good year to get married. I am expecting more wedding date clashes so it would be good to have early bookings.
- Do check with your friends, relatives or your "in-laws" as they MIGHT book other photographer(s) "without" your knowledge. There has been 2 cases this year that the client's friends and "in-laws" engaged other photographers without their knowledge and the client had to go through unnecessary hassle to have their "deposit" forfeited. See? They are supposed to "save" money but instead, there goes their deposit!

Destination Weddings
- Clients who wished to have their pre-wedding or actual wedding photography to be taken in exotic islands or foreign countries, please plan your budget. My rate varies from countries to countries and it is best to know where you are heading to and making sure that you have the budget as you would need to pay for lodging, transportation (by airplane) and food.

Actual Day Photography & Pre-Wedding Photography
- Most of you would know that I specialized in "actual day wedding photography". For "pre-wedding", I can only do on case-to-case basis as I like taking "real locations" or exotic locations which not many people has taken. I also do not like to use "fake backdrops" or studio backdrops as this is done mainly by bridal studios.

We are Closed from 7 to 11 May 2010
- I will be away to China on these dates and if you any enquiries, please e-mail me at and I will try to check my e-mail from time-to-time.

Schedule for 2011
There's plenty of things up in store for me and I will be definitely very busy for next year's schedule. I am not involved not just wedding photography but also into 5 other businesses as well. More updates on this will be announced during appropriate timing. Therefore, it will be great if our clients able to book me ahead of time so that I can plan for my schedule. I plan to succeed and plan for the future.

Although I may be busy most of Year 2010, I am always available on my mobile phone and e-mails. Personally I really think my web blog is where I always share what I have in my mind as well as posting my latest work that I have done recently. Most wedding photographers do not update their work and they probably use only a few best shots for a wedding in the website but I am totally the opposite as I love sharing my work to my potential clients and believe me, many wedding photographers just love checking out my work from time-to-time.

I am easy to talk to and approachable so if you would like to book my services, please e-mail me at so that I can send you my official quote. I know everyone is always busy most of the time, do reply my e-mail once you received my quote as I find that many, after receiving my quote would just simply disappears without saying a courtesy word of "thank you" for sending them the quotes. Funny isn't it?

Awards and International Publications
What makes me different compared to other wedding photographers is that I am actively involved in taking part in international photography wedding competitions. My work is also featured in international wedding photography publication this month and I will update all of you on this once I get a hard copy from the publisher in United Kingdom.

My presence in international awards competition and my work features in international publication for the past 15 months was not a fluke but this is something which I can say I am proud to achieve after being a wedding photographer for more than 16 years. This is something which not many Malaysian wedding photographers are able to achieve and most of my clients are proud to be able to engage me as their wedding photographers.


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