Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Paul + Reikko Wedding Registration Reception

Flowers flowers and flowers... I simply loved these images taken last Saturday @ Top Hat Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. Never I knew that this wedding is a garden wedding registration and everything was sooOooo lovely! Check out the photo below and you will know how the event turned out.

Believe it or not, I was running everywhere and I move like a sniper while carrying 5 lenses with two cameras. Oh yes, I always hear that wedding photographers carrying 2 cameras. One as the "main camera" and the other as "back-up". This is a totally wrong explaination because carrying 2 different camera has different uses. I use both cameras anytime I want and I shoot super quick in between the event. The wedding registration started at 4.:30pm and ended at about 9pm. I returned 846 shots (all edited) back to my client today. Fast? Yea... it's low peak season now but I will be busy again to complete two more pre-wedding albums. No early bed time for the next couple days.

If you like the flower decorations, please contact Ms. Carrine of MyFlower House @ +6012-234 9354. Please mention that I recommended. :o) MyFlower House and My Wedding Photographer is not related. We are just friends in the same industry and we co-exist to fulfill our client needs. Call Carrine now and see how she can serve your needs for your big day. And yea, do not forget me!

Yep! Reikko - the bride is a very good singer! You guys should hear her singgg!!!


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