Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fuji Finepix S200EXR

These are the common questions posed by a lot of people whom I met at weddings for the past couple years:-
(1) Which is better for beginner and amateur photographer? Canon or Nikon?
Answer: Don't waste your money & time, settle down for the best prosumer camera for beginner or amateur alike. Go get the latest model, the Fuji Finepix S200EXR (an upgrade of Fuji Finepix S100fs - the TIPA Award Winning camera and European Superzoom Camera of the Year in 2008-2009)
(2) I like to go travelling, should I get a Nikon D60/D90/D5000 or Canon 450D?
Answer: Forget about dSLR. Having too many lenses for various usage for different types of photography (landscape, macro shots of funny ants or taking pictures of "Orang Utan" swinging on the trees, it can definately break your bone and putting a hole in your pocket. So, go get Fuji Finepix S200EXR.

After giving them a satisfactory answer, they end up getting a prosumer camera - the latest Fuji Finepix S200EXR. Check out the website on this link.

Sorry folks, I don't earn anything from recommending this particular model of camera from Fuji. And yes!!! I am a big supporter of Fuji Finepix dSLR and Prosumer camera.


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