Tuesday, October 13, 2009

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Many of you are curious what My Wedding Photographer Studio really does. I got involved in wedding photography industry for the past 16 years and the first wedding I took was in Des Moines, Iowa in United States. I never had my very own mini-studio until the last three months when I was given the opportunity to expand the range of services that I have.

I won't use much of my mini-studio as I would prefer "real locations" & "real backdrop" and that's what I am.


Still... I am more of an actual wedding day photographer and currently I offer clients several locations for pre-wedding/post-wedding photoshoot namely Bali Island in Indonesia and several locations here in Kuala Lumpur/Selangor. You will notice that I do have "commercial wedding" photo shoot which I will show you all how it looks like in time to come.


For those who are concern about our pre-wedding/post-wedding packages, be rest assured that we have close to 90 gowns (white dresses + evening gowns) plus tuxedo & coat at our mini-studio here in Bandar Sunway. Of course, these gowns are available for rental. Contact Michelle at +6 012 204 2207 for appointment at our studio here in Bandar Sunway.

For those wished to rent local "designer" wedding gowns, you may contact Winnie at +6 012 212 2378 (Zen's Bridal Make-Up & Academy in Bandar Baru Klang) for further enquiries.

Due to my mini-studio space constrain, I have a mini gallery which I will have it filled with all my award winning pictures and my favourite images. Of course, appointment is required as I might be busy during our peak months (which is April, August & December).

This year (in 2009), I have met 2 clients outside my mini-studio so far. It's interesting for you to know that I seldom meet clients face-to-face nowadays as I run 4 different related-business and for those who knows me, yes... I am always busy to do anything else except looking at my computer monitor more than 16 hours a day. Count me lucky if I can go out for "teh tarik". On weekends, I'm always with bride + groom the whole day (of course, a few hours break to complete the wedding reception slideshow) and back for the evening session again. So people... remember to reserve me a seat at the wedding reception. Need to eat too!!!

So for those who wished to meet-up with me face-to-face, I'm always in my office during weekdays from 9.30am till 7pm. For late appointment, do let me know and will try to make my time available for you.


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