Monday, October 5, 2009

The Last 3 Weeks of Ups & Downs

The last 3 weeks has been the most challenging weeks I have the whole of this year. 2 weddings two weeks ago and three weddings over the last 2 days. Imaging the coordination with my other photographers and controlling the whole crowd during the wedding procession.

What are the "Downs"?
(1) my camera filter cracked when one of the nephew of the bride hit his head on the backup camera that slings over my right shoulder. Yup, he knocked on it very hard and he cried but no injury to his head. He was playing with his cousin bro and accidentally hit the camera.
LESSON: During the tea ceremony, better keep all the kids at bay as I may knocked into them while I covers several angles during the "tea ceremony". After going through this, I managed to get my subsequent weddings in order without any nasty incident happening as the "chi mui" (also known as bridesmaids) has been assigned to keep a look out for "kids"!!!!
(2) friends & relatives with cameras blocking my view. Please be noted that being the official photographer, the hardest part of my job is to capture "great" images:- be it candid or posed images. There will be instances when the bride look at another photographer and the bridegroom will be looking at another cameraman. So, who is the "official" photographer here?
LESSON: Best to let the official photographer capture the image first (especially group photos) before others allowed to take unless they are taking the candid shots from a different angle.

What are the "Ups"?
(1) Again, MY WEDDING PHOTOGAPHER Studio AWARD winning photo (1st place in the Engagement category) is featured in the main website for ISPWP (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers) in United States. See below.

(2) Having won 14 international wedding photography awards this year, I didn't increase my service pricing. Sorry, no "ups" in pricing for this year but price may change starting July 2010.
(3) I will be travelling "down" south more often next year (Singapore) for actual wedding day stating next year and taking more wonderful shots and hope that more couples engage me for the 2-day pre-wedding shoot in Bali Island, Indonesia.


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