Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Questions & Answers

Year 2009 is almost ending and this time I am posting some interesting questions pertaining to the work that I have done. Here are some of the questions and the lengthy replies:-
1. Are you a full-time photographer? Yes and No. Weddings are generally held over the weekend and to keep myself occupied, I have three (3) other businesses which gives me the satisfaction as a person and a husband. Everyday is a challenging day for me and sky is the limit - I can do what I wanted and that's God's greatest gift for me... to be able to capture wonderful moments in every wedding I attended.
2. Do you travel outstation? Yes, a lot of time. Please see my schedule.
3. Do you "touch-up" on the pictures that I took? It depends on what you mean by "touch-up". If you have pimples that very day of your wedding day, then "no", I don't "touch-up" on the pimples. What I do is I improve on the brightness and contrast of the pictures only so that the soft copies that you received will be the copy that what you see on your computer screen is what you will print from the DVD which was given to you. If you insist on "touch-up", yes, there will be additional charges.
4. What is the quantities that I generally take for a wedding? This is an interesting question. I usually capture between 1k images to 1.8k images per single wedding and have an average rejection of 2% - 3% as I would delete the blurred images or "eyes close" images on the spot! There was a wedding recently where I returned about 2.3k images back to the client.
5. How long will I take to return the softcopies? Low peak season usually 2 weeks. High peak season usually 4 weeks.
6. Have I worked with any bridal studio for wedding photography? Not at the moment.
7. Do I capture the images in RAW? I shoot my images mostly in JPEG format. Only certain part of the wedding or during portrait shoots I will capture the images in RAW format.
8. Are you willing to travel overseas for pre-wedding or post-wedding shoot? Yes, definately. Australia, New Zealand, China, Taiwan or even United States. Anywhere will do...
9. Can we meet-up? Yes, definately. I'm always available in my mini-studio cum office in Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya (Malaysia) and you are always welcome to swing by. Please make prior appointment first. My office will be full with students studying Digital Animation, Graphic Design, Illustration & Multimedia from The One Academy, SEGI, Taylors, Sunway University and Lim Kok Wing University during the peak season namely March-April, July-Aug and Nov-Dec. But do please go through my list of quotes before you decided to swing by.

Here's an interesting statistic of how many of my clients book my services. 95% through e-mails and only 5% of my clients ever meet me face-to-face. :o)

I hope these answers your questions. Anything else, feel free to e-mail me.


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